The Test Kit of The 21st Century.

The Smart Monitor accurately tests your pools chemical levels 24/7 and translates the data into clear instructions for what chemicals are needed and when.

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Smart Pool Chemistry Monitor

The device floats in your pool and tracks your chemical levels 24 hours a day. The device is paired with the Sutro App, which will alert you when action is necessary.

Partner Integrations

Sutro is integrated seamlessly with Amazon Prime and Amazon's Alexa, making it easy to order chemicals, equipment, and pool accessories. Please do not hesitate to suggest other integrations that would make your pool owning experience easier!


Service Technician Network

Away for vacation? Need your heater replaced? Sutro's network of pool technicians are there to save the day. You can always text "HEY" to (415) 299-8082 for help finding a certified technician near you.

Flexible Chemical Delivery

Our customers always have the option to use their own chemicals. However, Sutro offers front-door chemical delivery for anyone who prefers automated delivery, or the pay-as-you-go option. We don't believe in limiting our customers with subscriptions they don't always need.

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